Use Guava Leaves To Get Rid Of Wrinkles, Acne, Dark Spots And Skin Allergies

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Have you been looking for the natural way to take care of dark spots and wrinkles on your faces? Then you won’t need to waste money going through chemical treatment because you can quickly take care of all of these with guava leaves.  guava leaves for wrinkles


Guava is a green, tropical fruit with pink pork and many pits. It is a delicious fruit for juices. The flesh is not reliable but a kind of pulp. The guava fruit is very healthy and has all sort of medical applications.

When we are talking about the care of the skin, guava leaves can help improve your skin from all forms of skin disorders, wrinkles because they contain antibacterial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agents. Below are various ways a guava leaves can help you deal with all skin problems:

guava leaves for wrinkles

  1. Helps get rid of wrinkles:

Guava as a fruit has various antioxidant properties, and the leaf of this fruit has more of these antioxidants than the fruit itself. This makes the guava leaves a perfect solution to all form of wrinkles you can talk about. The guava leaves has also been found to have properties that help you tone the skin which drastically reduces the appearance of all forms of wrinkles.  

  1. Helps reduce Acne and Black Spots

guava leaves for wrinklesIt has been discovered from various studies that the guava leaves has a lot of anti bacterial properties that can help you fight against all causes of acne. This also has anti-inflammatory properties that can help the skin reduce all appearance of acne or pimples.

Nothing can demean a lady like having some black spot on her skin; Guava Leaves is very potent in removing all forms of the black spot from your skin.

Guava Leaves Recipe For Acne & Black Spots Directions:

All you have to do is to mash the Guava leaves and apply it to the dark spot or the area you have pimples on your face. Then rinse it with water after like 30 minutes. This process should be repeated daily until you have a skin free of Acne or dark spots.

  1. Help treat atopic dermatitis:

    guava leaves for wrinkles

Guava leaves also contain anti-allergic properties that help produce histamines (a compound that helps fight against foreign materials in the body). This can assist patient that is suffering from atopic dermatitis. Apart from the anti-inflammatory properties, its can also reduce the itching caused by atopic dermatitis.

  1. This Act as Natural Skin Toner

You can always count on the Guava leaves to help you deal with all spots and blemish on your face. The leaf contains some anti-inflammatory properties that help lighten those spots and blemish. This serves as a toning agent, that can provide you a clear complexion and skin that is spot free. This is why it helps to regain skin elasticity again. For treatment of pots, add water to the collected guava leaves to make a paste. Apply this paste to the suspected area on your face, and repeat this process for days until you get a result.

guava leaves for wrinkles

  1. The Guava Leaves Reduce Ageing

Guava leaves contain the antioxidant which destroys any free radicals that are harmful to the skin. This will prevent your skin from aging and improve the texture and the tone of your skin. The decoction of a guava leaf that is matured can be applied to your skin for tightening. You can eat the fruit normally, but boiling the leaf or using it as tea will go a long way.  In addition to this, vitamin B and Vitamin A, and potassium that is in the guava all contribute to the anti aging benefit of the guava leaves.

  1. The Guava Leaves Relieves Itching

Itching can be disturbing and annoying. Your skin itching can cause a lot of things to your skin if it’s not properly taking care of. The Guava Leaves has an instant cure for all sort of skin itching and allergic for blocking some compound that can cause it in your skin.

  1. Helps Remove Blackheads

guava leaves for wrinkles

Blackheads are caused when hair follicle clog together. This can also be due to skin dead cells. Acne bacteria causes a lot of skin problem due to the excess build of dead cells. You can trust the Guava leaves to help remove blackheads and shrink all form of spores. Boil the guava leaves, and then blend it with some turmeric. Then you will apply the mask on your face to remove the blackheads. But you need to scrub properly to see any effect.

  1. Improves Skin Complexion

Guava is doing a great job in improving your complexion and keeping you beautiful once again. To use the guava leaf to improve your complexion, mash the gauva leaves and add an egg to it. Rinse your skin with clean water after 15 minutes. This singular process helps remove dead cells from our skin thereby improving our complexion.  This also removes impurities from our skin making it healthy and alive.

guava leaves for wrinkles

  1. Protection From UV Rays And Environmental Damage

Guava is very potent in blocking the excess ultraviolet radiation coming from the sun. This can be due to the consistent lycopene in guava. This makes the skin stable and prevents it from harmful UV radiation. Another consistent like the Vitamin C in the guava also prevents the skin from harmful insulation.

  1. Guava fruit helps with your weight loss

You can also lose weight by taking the tea made from Guava leaves. This will make you hydrated guava leavesand delicious also. How do you prepare your guava leaf tea?

  • You have to dry the tender leaf of the guava and crush them after
  • You will add the powder to a cup of water
  • And stir it for a couple minutes.
  • Then your tea is ready.You can drink it twice a day.

How to use:

  1. Collect the guava Leaves. If you want to use it to treat atopic dermatitis get dried ones.
  2. Crush the guava Leafs and add it to a pot to boil, and leave the mixture in the water until its turns to brown and looks concentrated.
  3. Bring it down from the source of fire and allow it cool before using wool or something to apply it to your face or the place you intend treating.
  4. Apply it very well on your face and allow it to sit for a couple minutes.
  5. Wash it after 10-15 minutes with luke warm water. Do this twice a week for effective results.

For atopic dermatitis, all you need is to crush the dried leaf and add it to a pot of boiling water, as explained above. We soak it water to relieve you of all forms of itching and irritation, eventually helping you deal with the various discomforts you experience from them all.

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